Lash Extension Basic

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Course Overview

From beginner to proficient, this workshop is your gateway to mastering lash extension techniques.

The Lash Extension Basic Workshop is designed for newcomers and those who wish to solidify their foundational skills in eyelash extensions.

This course provides comprehensive training from client preparation to professional application techniques, ensuring you are equipped to start your career in lash artistry.

What You’ll Learn

  • Client Preparation and Basics: Learn how to prepare clients for extensions and understand the fundamental principles of eyelash application.
  • Classic and Volume Techniques: Get trained in classic, spikey, and Russian volume techniques.
  • Fanning Methods: Master 4 basic fanning methods to implement the Volume technique effectively.
  • Specialized Techniques: Gain skills in working on the inner and outer corners of the eye, and learn to create glamorous, wispy, and squirrel effects.
  • Mapping and Effects: Learn how to correctly draw maps and create new ones tailored to the natural eye shape, including cat, doll, and fox styles.
  • Installation Angles and Eyelash Alignment: Understand the importance of 90-degree and 65-degree eyelash installation angles and how to balance and align the eyes correctly.
  • Extension Glue and Maintenance: Discover the right type of extension glue for your pace of work and learn how to store it properly to maintain quality.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Learn how to remove and repair eyelashes safely and effectively.
  • Photography and Photo Editing: Learn the best practices for taking photos of your work and using suitable photo editing programs to enhance your portfolio.
  • Market Entry and Customer Attraction: Tips on entering the job market and attracting customers effectively.
  • Demonstration: The master will conduct a live model demonstration to enhance understanding, complemented by theoretical explanations, all taking place before the students’ practical session.

Practical Training


Course Details

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