Lash Extension Advanced

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Course Overview

The Lash Extension Advanced Workshop is designed for experienced lash artists looking to elevate their skills.

This intensive course covers a wide range of advanced techniques and methods, ensuring you master the art of eyelash extensions.

If you need to elevate your skill or want to learn new techniques, this course is for you!

What You’ll Learn

  • Volume and Mega Volume Techniques: Learn the correct method of application for durable and high-quality eyelash extensions.
  • Principles and Basics: Understand the foundational principles of eyelash extension and achieve the perfect lash line.
  • Fanning Methods: Master 4 basic methods of fanning, including techniques for both upper and lower eyelid extensions.
  • Specialized Areas: Techniques for inner and outer corners of the eyes, including basic fan making up to 8D.
  • Effect Styles and Mapping: Learn all effects and how to correctly draw and create maps based on the doll’s eye shape. This includes Kim Kardashian and cat effects.
  • LASHES Techniques: Squirrel, Glamour, Wet Look Wispy, and all kinds of eyeliner effects with L.M.C styles.
  • Eye Contouring and Balancing: Fox eyeshadow techniques and how to work with LM styles.
  • Installation Angles: Recognize and implement 90-degree and 65-degree eyelash installation angles.
  • Glue Knowledge: Select the right extension glue based on your work speed and learn proper storage methods.
  • Photography and Editing: Learn the correct way to take photos and use suitable programs for photo editing.

Practical Training


Course Details

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