Brow Mapping and Threading

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Course Overview

Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of brow aesthetics with our Brow Mapping and Threading Workshop.

This course covers all aspects of brow enhancement, from threading and mapping to lifting and tinting, providing a holistic approach to brow perfection.

What You’ll Learn

  • Persian Threading: Discover the ancient technique of threading to remove unwanted hairs and sculpt perfect eyebrows.
  • Brow Lift and Tint: Learn how to perform brow lifts and tints that complement each client’s face shape and features.
  • Brow Mapping and Consultation: Master the art of brow mapping using the golden ratio to achieve symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing brow shapes.
  • Face Analysis: Understand how to analyze different face shapes and their corresponding brow needs.
  • Case Studies and Live Demonstrations: Engage with real-world scenarios to see the techniques in action and understand their application on diverse clients.

Practical Training


Course Details

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